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Chronicles of 2 Heroes is an intense 16-bit action platformer inspired by masterpieces like The Messenger and Ninja Gaiden on the NES. This epic quest features Metroidvania elements and a singular mechanic: you can switch in real-time between the two main characters! Ayame and Kensei have unique, surprising combat styles that you will need to master to save feudal Japan from Amaterasu’s wrath. Everything is boosted by outstanding pixel art and a memorable chiptune soundtrack.


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♻️ Switch between the protagonists in real-time. Kensei is a samurai who wields a lethal katana, but he lacks the ability to jump. Ayame the kunoichi is as fast as fragile and uses ranged attacks. Combine their skills to save feudal Japan!

🪦 Overcome old-school platforming challenges. Although retro platformers are our main reference, we tried to bring the most satisfying, modern experience to the table. Ayame can jump gracefully while Kensei will dash through enemies and platforms.

⚔️ Fast-paced combat. Chronicles of 2 Heroes’ offers a tight combat system that changes depending on which character you control. The samurai guarantees breathtaking duels using its katana and the ability to parry. The kunoichi can vanish behind the enemy to avoid close combat or damage foes from a distance.

🔐 Unlock up to 20 powerful abilities. During their journey, Ayame and Kensei will upgrade their abilities. From smashing the ground and stunning your enemies to double jumping and reaching higher platforms. These siblings can learn a lot of new tricks!

Imagine a good action platformer without enemies. Impossible, right? Don't worry: Chronicles of 2 Heroes is filled with them! Fight against ronin, yokai, and countless enemies inspired by Japanese mythology, each one with distinct designs and patterns.


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Very unique idea with the changing of characters, the art is great too! Project Japan has went far with you guys. Well done.

I love the art and the game it's really enjoyable. I found out the problem already pointed out in the "read me text" about the samurai get blocked by the collision of the terrain while running sometimes. 
The boss fight was really fun.
Can't wait to play more of this game!

Thanks for playing and answering our little survey! 
We are always looking to improve our gameplay, but we are glad you like it as it is for now!

Stay tuned for more!